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Car Park Lighting

A well designed car park lighting solution not only provides a safer and more secure car park, but also helps create a more inviting and attractive environment for vehicle users. We adhere to the latest standards and guidelines to provide car park lighting of the highest quality.

With clever design and installation, the quality of car park lighting improves the safety and security of sites. We can also provide enhanced lighting in specific areas such as pay points or entrance doors, as well as extending lighting into surrounding areas such as ramps, footpaths and stairwells. We use the latest products to reduce maintenance costs, deter vandalism and provide a colour spectrum suitable for your needs.

We can also incorporate environmental sensors into your car park lighting, allowing automatic control of lighting dependant on factors such as time and ambient light levels.

The advantages of a well designed and installed car park lighting solution include:

We can advise you on all stages of designing your car park lighting solutions, so contact us on 01702 442014 or by e-mail at enqs@whromac.co.uk to find out more about what we can do for you.

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